15/03/2011 21:29


Annually, whether it be by way of the fashion, drug, automotive, or technology world, items are released into the global mainstream, and are idolized as well as worshipped by the earths inhabitants. While one individual feels like they cannot go without the latest fit from Gucci, the others compose these ridiculous beliefs that if they are not using the newest phone, driving the most expensive car or smoking the best marijuana, the lives they live are meaningless. For these people, the continuously climbing crime rate against those wearing costly apparel, carrying the I Phones or driving a Mercedes, and the ascending death toll on Americans that use drugs is irrelevant. All that matters is the happiness one believes they'll obtain, by being in possession of these devices. Millions of people die daily trying to acquire the so called luxuries of life. More often than not, they become places of refuge, but only for a sheer moment, because when they are tired of them, something else is sought for comfort. But the most saddening part about all of this is in the midst of such senseless chaos, rarely will one person stop to think of the only one who is able to bring true joy and peace into any of our lives. 2,000 years ago when Jesus died on the cross for the sins of the world, it was so that man could be reconciled to our creator, in order for us to have a loving and intimate relationship with him. It is by Gods grace that we have been saved. There is no way we can earn it, because he gave us this a s a gift. Just as the love of a mother comes with no sorrow or pain, neither do the blessings of God. The only way for any of us to fully experience the value of life, is by devoting ourselves to our maker. The originator of heaven and earth does not have a desire to see mankind suffer, but those who have a love for money, and the evil ways that can be used to get it do.

Any ones well being is not in their best interest. however, it is in Gods. If we are able to worship people or obsessions that do not or cannot show us any degree of love, then surely we're able to serve God, who has an unfailing love for us all. Today, right now, if you do not know your creator, then began not only establishing a relationship with him, but also giving him a much deserved opportunity to be a part of your life.

Paul Storey 2010