15/03/2011 22:42


I wonder where my life would be

had I made better choices and lived righteously,

Would I have been sentenced to death for a costly mistake

or become a product of my environment,

and property of the state.


I honestly believe things would have been a lot different

if I made the effort to change how I was living.

But the end is not near and I still have the courage

to show the world I've become a better person.


Will it accept me in spite of my faults

help me back up after such a hard fall

I'm really not sure so I can only wonder

the sea of life is deep please don't push me under.


I think of my freedom and cry tears of pain

never did I know trying to shine like sun

would bring so much rain.


As I always going to be an occupant of a small cage

or will I be freed before the end of my days.

Is the position I reside in now my punishment

for all this wrong I've done.

I constantly wonder about all these things

and so much more.


Paul Storey 2009