15/03/2011 21:11


          What was once considered the most commonly shown expression in the world, has become the most carelessly used word in the English language today. Love is an action word. However, as of lately these four letters have not been supported by any realism. Through domestic violence, infidelity, child abandonment, etc., is how the era we live in now reveals their care for loved ones and friends. Materialism and the lust for wealth has not only made society ostracize love, but use it a s a device for deception also. It is a shame that humankind has deteriorated into a state of heartlessness. Talk show host Oprah Winfrey once said "love does not hurt.." never has a statement been more true, because pain is not and cannot be parallel to pleasure.

          Within real love is genuineness, faithfulness and sincerity. There is no possible way to prove that you posses affection for anyone by causing them grief or trouble. In the Bible, I John 3:18 says, "let us not love with words or tongue, but with actions and in truth". This planet was created out of love, and that is what we are expected to do to each other. If all of the violence, cheating on significant others and deceit will cease living in the relationships we see nowadays, then it will leave room for what God wanted this world to be full of from the beginning of it's existence. LOVE is the most potent force on earth. All throughout history forgiveness has been granted, wars have ceased and marriages have been repaired because of loves motivating attributes, and in order to see similar results in the present, then it is love that has to be acknowledged. February 14th is Valentines Day however, 24 hours cannot define the importance of loves presence.

Paul Storey 2010