15/03/2011 21:40


Last year this nation made history by electing Barack Obama as the first black president of the United States. Given this country's history on racism, his entrance into office had given enormous ugly hump. However, just over a year later the sordid sickness of racism reared its ugly head again, and brought question to our understanding towards the ignorance of hate amongst different races, when a man got on the public address system in a NJ Wall-mart and said, "Attention Wall-mart customers; all black people leave the store now". For whatever particular reason this was said is not known, and I am sure if the person who had made such a senseless comment was asked why he did, he couldn't answer the question himself. Yet even if he attempted to do so, there is no logical answer this individual could give that would justify such a foolish statement. It is a great shame to know even after the mass majority of Americas population saw what racism did to our ancestors, there are still people who live today walking the path of a sickening era..but the sad part is, there will always be.  Hate crimes still occur on this nations planes, interracial relationships remain disputed and people are regarded with disgust because of their skin color. It was Marcus Garvey who once said, "if anything praise worthy is to be done, it must be done through unity". And for the fatuity of racism to cease, and for the world to acknowledge our maturity every native of the United States must come together on one accord and give serious attention to what was in the past and still is today destroying our homeland. We have advanced in a major way. Technology has evolved these 52 states into more compatible places to live. There are more opportunities for people of every color as opposed to past times, when it was race others used to dictate whether or not someone deserved to be anything they dreamed of being at all, and change is not something we simply chant, but an action we carry out. But, even though all of these things are true, there remains a disreputable road of racism this nation must trod.. one that will last, unfortunately forever.

Paul Storey 2010