15/03/2011 21:24


The thoughtlessness that resides within Americas atmosphere is immense. Recently, the USA Today posted the results of a 2009 Tillen Social Action Survey of 1000 adults given by the Matthew Greenwald & Associates, that clearly reveals how selfish some people in this country are. Then theses individuals were asked "would you pay 20% more in taxes annually if that eliminated poverty and hunger in the USA" 40% said no, 25% said yes and 35% said not sure... have the people of America lost their integrity? Or perhaps it is just those that live in 12000 sq ft homes, drive expensive cars, waste money on trivial possessions and could care less about the destitute that have lost theirs? For 40% of the 1000 adults this survey was given to, to say they will not give a helping hand when able to do so is pitiless. But, I guess giving up monthly shopping sprees, weekly dinner parties and buying clothing that costs just as much as a years worth of car payments to help someone else in the USA live a more comfortable life is "absurd" also? Where has our willingness to compromise gone? Have we forgotten so fast, not all the citizens of America were born into wealthy families? And even if the capitalists who endured trials and tribulations that lead to their success believe one should have to work just as hard as them, does that still mean he/she must be so carefree towards the necessities of the less fortunate? Annually, millions of people in the United States and surrounding countries die from poverty and hunger alone. The majority of these people are not afforded the same opportunities, resources and abilities as those who live as wealthy individuals. Sure there are government funded resources (ie, food stamps and disability) that are provided, but constantly money is being stripped from them, and being put into something meaningless.

The morals of the American people must be adjusted. We are the United States. not divided, separated by who has money or who does not, or any of the above. Let us not be hypocrites. If we are really for our people, let our actions be paramount to our words. If we have really chosen unity of purpose over conflict and discord, then raising taxes by 100% will not be problematic to the rich, for they know the cause is to help the poor. This country is not in a recession. It is more so in a state of rebellion towards contribution. Money is not being put into the economy because those who live an expensive lifestyle, will not pay raised taxes so that problems like hunger and poverty can move in the direction of there ends..well at least this and a number of other things. Yes this is sad, but it is also true. But superior to all these truths, hopefully we will one day become what we have for ages claimed to be one nation.

Paul Storey 2010