15/03/2011 23:46


Storey get ready for a visit” the officer said over the intercom located on the jails pod. For 11 months now I had been in the county jail awaiting trial on a capital murder charge, and during this time my family was very supportive of me. A visit was nothing abnormal due to the fact I had gotten at least 3 a week, however since I was receiving one on a friday this did seem rather strange. “who could be coming to see me?” I asked myself as I climbed out of the bunk, brushed my teeth and hair preparing myself to see whoever had showed up.


After I finished getting ready, the jailer unlocked the pods door and I was escorted to the visiting room, Standing at the door I peered inside the small window and could not believe the surprise sitting before me. My brother Larry and three little cousins, Maria, Julius and Mekayla who I loved as if they were my own children, sat patiently waiting for me to enter.Upon seeing these kids I love so much, I immediately became overwhelmed because 10 months had passed since the last time we saw each other, and for the longest I had been dying to see them.


When the door opened and the girls saw me-smiles stretched across their angelic faces, easing the pain of being away from home momentarily. After I sat down and began talking to Maria and Mekayla, I instantly noticed Julius was very quiet. I found this extremely peculiar since I knew any other time I was around, I couldn't get him to stop talking. I knocked on the glass and asked him “Julius what's wrong with you?” At this question he replied with a low-toned “Nothing” but I knew better than that. “Maria you and Mekayla give me a moment with Julius” I said to her. I could tell by the expression on her face she didn't want to get up, yet she did while at the same time telling her brother ,”oh- you in trouble” Once she had moved I told Julius to sit down by knocking on the window and signalling towards the chair, and he reluctantly climbed out of my brothers lap into the seat infront of me, but never making eye contact in the process. “Julius look at me” I said. He then slowly raised his head and that is when I saw tears forming in his eyes.


Julius what's wrong?” I asked again and before I could get any more words out of my mouth, tears began to fall. For a moment I sat hurt and confused-hurt because he was crying and confused because I didn't know why. I looked at Larry and asked him did he know why Julius was crying, yet he said no. Larry, Maria and Mekayla then attempted to find out themselves, but he still did not say a word. I turned my attention back to my cousin and asked him in a humbling voice, “Julius would you please stop crying and tell me what is wrong? Looking up and into my eyes, he shook his head and spoke. “What are you doing back there?” he asked. Maria, Mekayla and Larry sat there looking puzzled by this question, but I knew exactly what he meant. He was actually asking why are you not here with me. Why is the cousin I love so much behind bars instead of at home playing with me. I don't know Julius was the only reply I could muster up, however, he had shown me that answer was obviously not good enough, because he got up and walking way when I said this. My brother tried comforting me at this point, but I told him not to worry about it, I'd be okay. His question was a devastating blow, but more than anything a serious wake up call.


The jailer came and unlocked the door indicating our time was up. After I said goodbye to my brother and cousins, I was escorted back to the pod where I slept for the remainder of the day....


Each and everyone knows someone who loves them with all of their heart. We mean the world to them and so much more. They'll willingly give up their lives just so that we can have ours, and it is these people we must think about whenever were preparing to make a decision that could bring bad or ugly consequences into our lives, because they too, will be affected by whatever happens to us.


Paul Storey 2011